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Our Story

Youth-Led Charities (YLC) is a 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to empower youth lead the fight against childhood cancer, and to provide relief to the families of children battling cancer.

At YLC, we are not only passionate about helping fight childhood cancer, but about helping our youth volunteers grow and develop as they give of themselves to help others in need. Our program gives youth valuable leadership experience, helps instill a love of service, and helps them develop compasion and empathy – qualities everyone benefits from.

As our youth volunteers demonstrate their commitment to help others, it will make them more competitive for college scholarships and acceptance into the schools of their choice. We hope that they go on to have successful careers and always carry with them a commitment to help those in need!

Frequently Asked Questions

Would my donation go to support kids in need, or the youth running these charity initiatives?

All donations go to help fight childhood cancer (or to support the families with a child battling cancer), not to the youth running these charities. One charity example that many of us are familiar with is a charity marathon. People run those marathons and seek sponsorships from others (for every mile I run, donate a certain amount). In this case, the money isn’t going to the runner. It’s going to the cause that the runner is raising money for. All YLC charity donations go to the cause, not the person raising money for the cause.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

Yes! We are a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so all donations are tax-deductible.

Is making a monetary donation the only way to give?

No. Cash donations are of course the most immediate ways to donate, but we have programs in place to donate old vehicles, stock donations, real estate, etc. You can learn about all the ways to donate by clicking here.

A Message From Our Executive Director

Youth-led Charities

To Our Incredible Youth, Donors, and Sponsors,

Thank you for standing with us as we work tirelessly to give at-risk youth a shot at the childhood they deserve. Our program was built to not only benefit youth who benefit from the funds we raise, but the youth who give of themselves and share their talents to make a normal life possible for others less fortunate than they are.

As a relatively new 501c3 nonprofit, we recognize that without your support we could not fulfill our mission. We invite you to learn about the various ways to support our cause, many of which are absolutely free to you but still have an incredible impact on our youth.

Each year we will give an account of the funds raised and how they were used to further our cause. Since we are still in our first year of operation and don’t have official financial data to share, I at least wanted to share our gratitude and commitment to help ensure you that we are committed to a worthwhile cause that you can be proud to stand behind.

Thank you again for standing with us on these important issues, and we look forward to working with you to fulfill our great mission!


Nick Thiele

Nick Thiele

Founder, Executive Director

Connect with YLC!

Connect with YLC!

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