Charity Concerts

Do you love to sing or play a musical instrument? Why not share your talent to help uplift kids battling cancer, or to raise money to help find a cure? It’s so easy, and you’ll literally change lives by sharing your talent! There are two different ways to make an impact by sharing your love for music:

Host a recital in your home (or at any venue). Simply invite your friends and family to attend a recital in your home, or at any venue! We can provide you with custom programs, social media videos, and more that can make your recital an incredible fundraiser to raise money for children’s cancer research. You play, and we take care of the rest!

Record yourself playing or singing. If you prefer not to perform in front of crowds, you can still use your incredible talent to help kids battling cancer. Simply record yourself playing or singing and we can share your video with kids battling cancer. It’s like giving a “get well” card that shows you care, but like 100 times better!

charity concert

Uplift kids with cancer by SHARING YOUR LOVE OF MUSIC!

Connect with YLC!

Connect with YLC!