Terms of Parental Consent

By registering your child to volunteer in our program, you consent to the following conditions.


We are excited about your child’s interest in volunteering at Youth-Led Charities (YLC). According to YLC’s policy, all participants or volunteers under the age of 18 must have consent from a parent or legal guardian.

YLC is a 501c3 nonprofit that gives children and youth opportunities to make an impact by raising money for children’s cancer research, and by uplifting kids battling cancer. Our program focuses on the simple ways all youth can make a difference in the world, simply by sharing their passions and talents with others.

You understand that my child will be provided with information relating to Youth-Led Charities, as well as instructions and other helpful resources to help you child be successful in their endeavor to make a positive impact through the program.

You understand that he or she will not receive monetary compensation for the services contributed.

You understand that to safeguard donations for the charity, donors will be encouraged to donate online to the nonprofit and to avoid cash donations volunteers would be responsible for. However, if in the rare case your child receives a donation directly, we would request that the parent or legal guardian submit that donation to us and not the child.

You release Youth-Led Charities from any and all liabilities related to or arising from my child’s service as a volunteer or fundraising efforts.

You do hereby give permission to Youth-Led Charities or any of its media partners to use my child’s picture, portrait, photograph, image, or voice in any or all forms of marketing and advertising, including the Youth-Led Charities website, My Communicator, social media, brochures, bulletins and displays.

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