Creating a Custom Program

If you have a unique talent that we don’t already have a fundraising program for, we’d love to create a custom program for you!


Do you have a unique talent? We’d love to create a custom program for you!

Do you have a unique talent or passion that we don’t already have a program for? We’d love to create a custom program, just for you! It’s very simple, but also very exciting! Here’s how it works.

You simply give us some information about your talent or passion, and then a professional marketing team will review that information and create a charity model that not only you can use, but 1,000s of other children and youth as well. We’ll brainstorm names and logos for your idea, create a page on our website for it, get a custom texting keyword, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of talents can be shared in this program?

All talents and passions can be shared to change lives – not just the talents you’d see on TV. Don’t ever feel like just because you can’t play a musical instrument or consider yourself an artist that your talents are less important.

If I participate in a fundraiser, how much of my time will it take?

There are two ways to fundraise with us: (1) to host a fundraiser for an existing program, or (2) to start your own charity program based on a unique talent/interest you have, and that other children can then start to do. Neither option requires a lot of your time, and will certainly not take your time away from school and other important things in your life! The whole purpose of YLC is that you simply do what you love and area already doing, and we pretty much do the rest!

Just to put this into perspective. You would spend a lot more time holding a lemonade stand to raise money for charity than you will sharing your talent with YLC!

How can this help me with college and scholarship applications?

Many colleges and scholarships will ask for details about your extracurricular activities, or examples of your community involvement. What better example can you set than creating your own charity initiative to help kids with cancer, and that got 1,000s of other kids involved in such a great cause?

What is the difference between fundraising with an existing program and starting my own charity program?

Great question! The purpose for any fundraiser with us is to raise money for children in need. If you want to make a difference with these children by sharing a talent that we already have a program for, then it’s as simple as filling out a form so we can put some things together for you to help make your fundraiser successful.

If you want to fundraise by sharing a talent we don’t have a program for, then we’d want to create a new program page on our website, create new graphics, videos, and even seek grants to help make your fundraiser a success! This also makes it so you’re the “Youth Charity Leader” (YCL) for that new program, so now when other children who share your passion want to help others by sharing their talent, they’ll do so under your program! This doesn’t require any extra time or effort on your part, but it’s a BIG deal for someone who wants to be able to put on a scholarship application that they started their own charity program that got others to participate in, and that raised a lot more money!

In summary, both opportunities are going to change lives, and they require about the same amount of time. There is something special about starting your own program, but in the end, what matters is that you’re using your passion for a purpose!

Can you explain what starting my own charity program would be like?

If you want to create your own charity program and become a Youth Charity Leader, it’s simple. We would have you (or a parent) submit some basic information to us, such as what your talent/passion is, and sometimes a picture as an example. Our team of volunteers would then review your information, and as long as it’s wholesome and appropriate, we would start creating a new program page on the website, as well as other tools to make it easy to raise money.

Since this is your unique idea, we would LOVE for you to help us customize the program, although this is not required. For example, do you have a name in mind for the program. If we create a logo for the idea, would you be interested in providing feedback on the colors or design? Would you want to help us pick the perfect texting keyword for donations (text “legodonation” to 44321)? As a Youth Charity Leader, we would give you these types of opportunities to be done via email, but only if you (or your parents) want to do so!

If I participate, where do the funds go that I raise?

All funds raised go to childhood cancer research, or supporting the families of children battling cancer.


Ready to Start Changing Lives?

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