Grow your business by helping local youth fight childhood cancer.

Community in Action Mailer

YLC is a nonprofit where kids help kids fight cancer. Every month we send out tens of thousands of mailers to local families showcasing the work of our incredible youth, and projects they are working on to help find a cure.

We offer sponsorships starting at just $75 to businesses that not only support our cause, but also want to get exposure to these thousands of families. The purpose of the sponsorships are to help us offset the design, print, and postage costs of the mailers.

Why Our Mailers Are So Effective

Unlike other direct mail that usually goes straight into the trash, our mailers are kept by families and looked at throughout the month. We accomplish this by (1) featuring inspiring work that local kids are doing to fight childhood cancer, and (2) discounting ad spots for great, local restaurants willing to offer a coupon in the mailer.

What Our Sponsors Get

Sponsor Logo in Our Mailers

Sponsors are featured in our Community in Action mailers that go to at least 5,000 homes in the community. This provides our sponsors with an incredible amount of brand recognition, as well as an opportunity to show the community they stand with our youth in this great cause!

Social Media Shoutouts and Referrals

We are engaged on all the local Community FB groups. We do frequent shout-outs for our sponsors, as well as refer our sponsors when members when they ask for recommendations.

Ads in Our Digital Publications

We produce digital publications to showcase the work of local youth volunteers and what they are doing to raise awareness for childhood cancer. In these publications we now credit many of the projects with “Made Possible by” sponsor sections.


Do I need to commit for a certain length of time?

No. Your support is month-to-month. We do hope that you believe in our cause enough AND get so much benefit from your sponsorship that you’ll want to do this more than just once, but that’s totally up to you!

Why do restaurants get ads for their sponsorships?

Restaurants get ads in the mailer only if they offer some kind of coupon or discount. It’s these offers that increase the value for everyone else because people hang on to mailers and look at them throughout the month when there are coupons they can use.

What is the cost to be a sponsor?

We have different types of sponsors. Agents that get a spot on the back cover pay between $100 – $175. Restaurants that offer coupons pay $75. General sponsors pay $100.

Are these sponsorships for the charity?

No. These sponsorships are for a mailer that supports the charity. These sponsorships help us cover operating costs to promote fundraisers and community outreach for the charity. These are deductible as a business expense, but not a charitable donations. This mailer is produced by a for-profit business we started that exists solely to support the nonprofit and help fund operating expenses.

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