Share Your Passion for Music to Help Kids Fight Cancer

Do you love to sing or play a musical instrument? Share your talent with us to help fight childhood cancer. It’s easy, fun, and incredibly rewarding! There are two different ways to make an impact by sharing your love for music:

Record yourself playing or singing. Have someone video record you playing or singing, and then share that video with us. We compile the work of young musicians into a single 30-45 minute virtual benefit concert. Those videos are then shared with kids fighting cancer, and on social media to help fundraise to find a cure. Your performance will inspire others to join in the fight, and you’ll literally help save lives.

Host a recital in your home (or at any venue). If you want to put a little extra time into making a difference, host a recital in your home (or at a music recital venue)! We can provide you with custom programs, social media videos, and more that can make your recital an incredible fundraiser to raise money for children’s cancer research. You play, and we take care of the rest!

charity concert

Help us fight childhood cancer by SHARING YOUR LOVE OF MUSIC!

Connect with YLC!

Connect with YLC!